Venezuela, officially Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country of America, located in the northern part of South America, consisting of a continental territory and a large number of small islands in the Caribbean Sea, whose capital and greater urban agglomeration is the city of Caracas. It has an area of 916 445 km2, being the 32nd largest country in the world in the territory.
From Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, comes to Festarte 2019 a group of Venezuelan emigrants, who is concerned with preserving and disseminating the traditions of their country.
Founded in 2005 by the dancer, choreographer and tailor Néstor Rodríguez Sierra, the "Agrupación Folklórica Yacambú" made its official presentation that same year.
It is the first group of Venezuelan folk dances to be born in the Canary Islands, Spain, and which has represented Venezuela in different events of exhibitions and folklore festivals, both regional and international, featuring music and dances from different regions of the country and presenting in each scenario the flashy and different costumes and customs of Venezuela.
The "Agrupación Folklórica Yacambú" offers its spectators a different concept of the Venezuelan folk dance, without avoiding the regional expressiveness and relying on the very nature of the genre, in the most numerous and profound musical researches, And movement, contemplating dancers and music artists, technicians, promoters and teachers.
This group offers to the public different choreographies through compact groups or in lines, solo, couples and unexpected traits, routines and traditional steps revitalized thanks to a dance geometry that will unfold enthusiastic and well-worked dancers, with rhythmic and vocational training.
The construction of the pieces began by discovering legends and events that spread through research in the surrounding states, including in the repertoire the dances that already existed before the colonization and, subsequently, the Folklore Classics of the Republic.
It is its director Nestor Rodriguez Sierra and musical director Sergio Esteban Nieves Azuaje.