Festarte’s History

In the last decade of the twentieth century, by virtue of the work and commitment of a team led by him who is the great FESTARTE® mentor, Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues, is presented to the City Council of Matosinhos an avant-garde at the time project, with the aim of offering to the population of Matosinhos shows only of ethnography and folklore and, at the same time, make our County a milestone in safeguarding this intangible heritage, calling people, attracting tourists and giving even more to know of Matosinhos to the world.

This is how, in 1998, with the indispensable support of the municipality of Matosinhos, rises the FESTARTE ®-International Festival of Arts and Popular Traditions of Matosinhos, which, since the first time embraced the goals and assumptions of CIOFF (International Committee Organizers of Folklore Festivals), that is, to safeguard, promote and disseminate the traditional culture and folklore, promoting cultural exchange and peace between peoples.

Later, the integrated CIOFF FESTARTE ® is in Portugal, and is currently one of the 10 Festivals in Portugal, holding that important seal, which relates to the quality and the work we do at the Festival.

In 20 editions already conducted, passed through the municipality of Matosinhos, 46 countries of four continents of the world, and 120 foreign groups, which, with your music, your dance, your culture, enchant viewers to their shows, bringing Matosinhos a mixture of joy and color.

In FESTARTE we can appreciate not only shows of traditional dance, like watching traditional music recitals, dance workshops with the population, enjoy the crafts and gastronomy who visits us, contemplate the costumes of the groups, attending meetings where theorists discussing the folklore and ethnography in the world and in this 21st Edition, FESTARTE ® will present traditional games, covering all areas of Ethnography proposed by CIOFF.

Since the issue of the 2017 FESTARTE ® can be followed live and live, from all over the world, through youtube.

Currently, the brand FESTARTE ® is registered in favor of the Typical Ranch of the loving, as a way to protect this denomination and lend an even more serious and professional character to the event.

The FESTARTE ® addresses invitations to the diplomatic representations of all participating countries in each issue, to do represent, at least in the Opening Gala, narrowing further relations with the countries.

It is a festival with a huge impact, either at national level, revealed by the thousands of people who are present in various activities, both at the international level, the prestige achieved, given the sheer quality of the Festival and its stakeholders. 

Statistical data

Statistical data collected from the first edition, in 1998 until today (2018).

Number of foreign countries participants


Number of foreign groups participants


Number of Portuguese groups participants


Number of participations of Portuguese