The county of  MATOSINHOS

Matosinhos is a small urban municipality with 62.42 km ² of area and 175 478 habitants (2011), subdivided into 4 parishes. The municipality is bordered to the North by the municipality of Vila do Conde, the Northeast by Maia, to the South by Oporto and the West has coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

On the coast of the city lie the port of Leixões, Portugal's largest artificial Harbor and second seaport of the Porto metropolitan area. Part of the Porto International Airport covers municipal limits.

The county seat is the town of Leça da Palmeira and Matosinhos which is also the headquarters of FESTARTE.

The main party in Matosinhos is Senhor de Matosinhos, one of the leading and largest festivals of Portugal, whose origin lies in an old legend in the image of Jesus crucified (the work of Nicodemus), and here you will have appeared next to the sea, where there is a Memorial Chapel. The image of the Lord is worshipped in the famous shrine of Senhor de Matosinhos (masterpiece of Nicolau Nasoni).

Matosinhos is today a municipality strongly dedicated to the tertiary sector, although it also, particularly petrochemical industry, food and canning industries, textiles and electrical equipment, and a huge fishing activity.

Land of fish, Matosinhos is also a beacon to all who enjoy good food, in particular, of a good grilled fish, to which contributes the recently created brand "World's Best Fish"! 

Is in the city of Matosinhos/Leça da Palmeira, more specifically on the right bank of the river Leça located Exponor, the biggest business trade fair in the country. It also has the most important door of the Great Oporto: the port of Leixões, Portugal's largest artificial port, built in the late XIX century.

Matosinhos is still a county with vast cultural and architectural heritage of where the church of Senhor Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, the standard of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, Leça do Balio's Monastery, the Car Bridge, the Obelisk of Praia da Memória and more recently, the tea house of Boa Nova, the building of the Town Hall, the Cruise Terminal of Leixões and the Architecture House.

church of Senhor Bom Jesus de Matosinhos
the building of the Town Hall
the tea house of Boa Nova
the Cruise Terminal of Leixões
Leça do Balio's Monastery