Rancho Típico da Amorosa was born in the current Union of Parishes of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, in the distant year of 1935, commemorating on next November 8th, 83 years of life.

On these 82 years of history, the group has always been in the safeguarding of the immaterial heritage of humanity, bearing the name of Leça da Palmeira, together with its customs and traditions, to the four corners of the world, as attest the numerous holdings from north to south of the country, throughout Europe, in Asia and In Latin America.

Rancho Típico da Amorosa essentially represents “Maiato” folklore, since the place of love was, there is a time when the group represents, mid/late nineteenth century, inserted in the ancient lands of Maia, which of course influences the attire and the Repertoire that the group currently presents.

In the field of music collection, Rancho Típico da Amorosa, counted, in the first years of existence, with the precious help of ethnomusicologist Professor Armando Leça, illustrious Leça da Palmeira resident, who contributed much to the ethnography and musicality and national folklore.

Rancho Típico da Amorosa is the organizer of the FESTARTE (International Festival of Popular Arts and Traditions of Matosinhos), CIOFF Festival (an NGO that enjoys status B with UNESCO); He is also a founding partner of the Portuguese Folklore Federation; It has been distinguished throughout the years by several public and private agencies, for its merit and service to the Portuguese Popular culture.