Fundación Cultural Ballet Folclórico TIERRA COLOMBIANA

"Perfect balance between folklore and entertainment"

Founded on August 1, 1979, by the master Fernando Urbina Chuquin, seeking to inform national and international public a great show with the most extensive and varied of the world folklore.
The Ballet Tierra Colombiana has as primary task investigate and disseminate the Colombian folklore, in their music, dances, costumes and customs of all the regions of the country.

Earth Colombian currently is one of the most representative Ballets that at national and international level has the country; In addition to Colombian rhythms Ballet has the versatility to interpret with beauty and master the international air, thanks to a thorough research work.
The Ballet Tierra Colombiana is throughout a project's life in Colombia, has its own school where dancers are formed from 4 years of age, advancing studies of national and international folklore, flamenco, classical ballet, tap, jazz, tango and ethnic, there they pass from Child Ballet, then to the Juvenile Ballet, the Ballet Pilot and finally the Professional Ballet, 5 years ago formed the Ballet Gold to receive older dancers with more than fifty years.

Has also done 19 tours in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Aruba, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy and Korea, on 6 occasions has participated at major folk festivals in Europe on behalf of Colombia, leaving on a high the name of our country.

The company is formed by 40 artists and dancers, musicians, costume helpers and Assistants.
Composed of professional dancers trained in its entirety at the school of the Ballet Tierra Colombiana, which is characterized by the coordination, technique, cheerful expression and musicality in his movements, all backed by a beautiful costumes and magnificent choreographies that have earned honorable and countless international awards, among them: first place as best group, best choreography, best costume design in the global competition of folklore in Agrigento (Italy) 1998, 4 times better choreography and group in Reims (France) 1998, 2000, 2002, 2010 Festival, gold medal at the Schotem Festival (Belgium) 1998, tours in which has received great praise from the European press.

In 2005 he was decorated by the Congress with the order of democracy "Simón BOLÍVAR" in EL GRADO DE CRUZ COMENDADOR.