Cádiz is a city in the south of Spain, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and belonging to the Autonomous Andalusian Community. This city, with approximately half a million inhabitants, is an important commercial port in southern Spain.
From this city comes to Festarte 2019 “Grupo de Danza Cultivando el Arte”, which has its beginnings in 2010, but that reaches its apogee from 2014, as a cultural association that wanted to offer a group of folk dances and flamenco, different but current, promoting and developing the traditions of their land, but preserving their essence.
The group consists of a cast of artists who dedicate their time to the maintenance, development and diffusion of flamenco and Spanish dance.
Currently, it has 20 dancers and 7 musicians, who altruistically promote the foundations of Andalusian folklore and flamenco, while transmitting to the spectator what with so many hours of rehearsal prepare, with two unique desires: receive the recognition of all the public and keep alive the Andalusian folklore.
It is worth highlighting the artistic trajectory of the group, which has visited several countries of the world, having participated in different events and festivals, from which they stand out, among others: Cyprus (Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos), Majorca (Journeys of Nits a la Fresca), India ( New Delhi), Portugal (Festival Celestino Graca and Festimallorca), Huelva (Festival of Dances of Villablanca and Bonares) and Cádiz.
In short, the group offers a noble, pure and cheerful repertoire based mainly on dance, but without any adultery or artifice and, in turn, makes a tour of the main variants of folklore and flamenco in its purest state.
Alejandro Martínez is his artistic and choreographic director.