Romania is a republic located in the central-southeast of Europe, bordering Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria, covering a territory of 238,391 square kilometers.
From the city of Cluj-Napoca (until 1974, Cluj), the capital of the province of Transylvania, comes to us “Romanasul”. Born in 1974, the ensemble was debuted by a group of students from the Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca. The composition of the group includes the students and professors of the Technical University. There are also some conductors, choreographers, directors, interns, art consultants and advisors. The mission of this group is to popularize and present Romanian folklore on stage, cultivating students' taste for beauty and passion for art and culture. The group's qualities are its youthful, joyful, original and authentic directory, the beauty and variety of its popular costumes, the art in the representation of choreographed and musical folklore.
They participate and consecrate themselves in competitions and student festivals: the Spring Student, the Festival of Art and Student Creation, the National Festival of Folklore and, in spectacles and festivals in Romania and abroad.
In 1984, they realized the film "A troop of Calusari from the Transylvanian Plain" of 35 minutes; a certified documentary of artistic value. They made recordings on national radio and television as well as recorded a CD.
Since the year 1979, the group is laureate for all appearances in the editions of the Folkloric festival and some important cultural events in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, with several awards, diplomas, honorary plates and Diplomas of Excellence (the greatest attribution obtained by your work). The “Romanasul” set was awarded the gold medal at the “Fetes de La Vigne” Festival in Dijon-France in 1990.
His artistic director is Lucian Revnic, the choreographer Eugen Nicoara and Maestro, Prof. Alexandru Hatfaludi.