Grupo Cultural “Netos de Bandim”

The Grupo Cultural Netos de Bandim was created on the day 12.11.2000 by Associação dos Amigos da Criança (AMIC) with the purpose of creating an environment of cultural and social integration for children and youth of the Bandim neighbourhood. In a post-cold-war context, this nucleus had as main objective the social integration of children, adolescents, young people and women (risk groups from the poverty experienced by the majority of families in the Bandim neighbourhood) offering them a space of conviviality and sharing of good practices of citizenship through Music, theater and dance. Since then the Group meets daily at the Community School of the zone 5 of the Bandim neighbourhood-1 (which collapsed during the rains of 2010).

Over the years the group has grown and gained great notoriety in the dissemination of music and traditional dance of Guinea Bissau at national and international level. Currently most children that constituted the initial structure are already young adults who assume responsibilities within the group, organizational and relies on the participation of young people from all over the city of Bissau. The priority of the Netos de Bandim remains the prevention and combating social exclusion among children, adolescents, young people and women, including the need to safeguard, enhancement, and dissemination of the cultural heritage of Guiné.  

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