The Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia as a diffuser of of research, science and culture, in the context of an increasingly demanding society in the training of professionals who contribute to your development cannot be alien to the experiences and habits of our people, which is why a group of students that joined 29 years ago and since then participates in the beautiful task of revalue and spread our folklore.

The folklore Center of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, take advantage, mainly the enthusiasm and dedication of the students in learning about our ancestral customs. They open your soul to what is discipline and expression of art, studying, learning and enjoying this pleasant task allowing cultural values to exercise your molding force in your academic and spiritual formation, accounting for your time at demands raised by themselves with a delivery that fills our institution with pride.

The workshops are based in transmit numerous Peru dances, based on our customs and traditions of our members. They are split into workshops of Danzas de Costa, the workshop of Sierra and Selva of Marinera Norteña, of Limeña and Tondero, with the participation of the entire community with very good Herediana convocation.

The goal of the workshops is to promote and instill the love of what is ours transformed into its dance, is also a sowing for this prestigious group of folklore.

Over the past 29 years CEFUPCH has realized more than 600 presentations nationwide with the quality and professionalism that are required; we have professionals who are dedicated to educating our members, teachers graduated artistically from the prestigious national school of folklore Jose Maria Arguedas.