Goals of the FESTARTE

Contribute to and social development of the populations of the town and parish of Matosinhos, dissipating performances of rare quality, in the fields of color, sound and movement.

Highlight the touristic development and, consequently, contribute to the knowledge of all the virtues in the municipality of Matosinhos in the sector. 

Divulge the gastronomy, handicrafts and ethno folkloric knowledge of the country and of the world, in the sharing and scientific coexistence, realizing exhibitions and meetings open to faculty and students community of the municipality, in particular and to the population in general.

Fill privileged spaces as the churches of Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira, Santa Cruz do Bispo, S. Mamede de Infesta, performing concerts and recitals of traditional music, making the most out of the presence of the group’s musicians, with a view to the promotion of the musical heritage, national and international.

Take advantage of the presence of the groups for the development of activities with young people, performing street animation shows, and in this way too, we divulge the traditional music of the countries that visit us.

Show the official entities, namely to our rulers, the interest in supporting this kind of quality achievements, so pleasing to the people, with a view to cultural cities and also in terms of approach to our youth to popular culture, in its most genuine expression particularly in dance, music, attire, cuisine, handicrafts, among others, the dissemination it deserves.

Start with the population of Matosinhos, other opportunities to "cement" with other people, new relationships of friendship, and so important these days for a culture of peace.

Finally, we would like to establish with Matosinhos, population and businessmen a commitment of mutual aid that would allow the relaunch of some traditional practices, such as exhibitions, handicrafts, gastronomy, among others.